Customer Testimonials

Our little guy has been coming here for just 3 months and in that short time he has grown in so many ways. He has learned how to set goals and work for them with diligence and patience, we can see his confidence just grow and grow from one lesson to the next and he is showing much more independence while making responsible choices. This place just inspires you to work hard and be the best version of yourself. They have great instructors that are patient while still challenging their students, our son looks up to them and they are the best role models any parent could ask for!

Ashley Robledo

Increased confidence, improved self-esteem, discipline, and most importantly FUN! If you want your kids to have improved focus, more confidence and better discipline this is the place for you. This is a safe and fun environment to see your child excel! You can truly give your children an unfair advantage in life! And what parent wouldn't want that? Are you an adult looking for the science behind movement while learning self defense for real world situations? Look no further, THIS IS IT!

Jason Bates

BEST studio in Whittier (and surrounding areas) super super energetic and sweet! Very rejuvenating but sweaty workout! Love it here!!!!! They have yoga, karate and kickboxing!! Extremely clean, super affordable prices, and extremely well trained instructors! Really takes the time to help you one on one, and offers uniform/gloves for either class with your package purchase! Well structured, and prepared! Can’t wait to keep coming here!!!!!

Yadira R.

My son is in this program and we couldn't be any happier. The honor, respect, and organization he is learning from Sensei Berj is greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who has children.

Berch Papikyan

My son is 8, and my husband attends the adult classes. I’m so grateful for the discipline and respect that our son is learning. We are in it for the long haul, if you are searching for a place that encompasses self defense, physical activity, friendship and responsibility, this is the place!

Shannon Martinez